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Free Love Field in Dallas to Make it a ‘Fare’ Fight


Imagine any industry without competition. In the airline business that would mean sky-high fares, no choice, fewer amenities and an experience that leaves travelers feeling more like cattle than customers. Not a pretty picture. 

But that very scenario could play out at Dallas Love Field without your voice.

Today, a single airline controls 90% of the traffic, 80% of the gates, and now they want more. Love Field travelers have already been shocked by average fares that jumped 37% from 2007-2012 – the largest fare increase for an airport of this size in the U.S. (according to a MIT study conducted last August). Unbelievable, right?

When Virgin America launched its DFW-California flights in 2010 it helped lower fares in the market at the time by more than 30%. Its new flights to San Francisco, LA, NYC, DC and Chicago will also bring more choice to Love, with new planes that offer three classes of service, WiFi, power outlets and touch-screen seatback entertainment on every flight.

Tell the City of Dallas Leaders leaders you think there’s room for a little healthy competition at Love.

Letter to
City of Dallas Leaders
Who doesn’t support competition?

As a frequent traveler, I am writing to support Virgin America’s efforts to compete at Love Field.

Currently one airline controls 16 of the 20 gates at Love – that’s 80% of the gates. Letting that airline have an even bigger monopoly sends a clear message that Dallas doesn’t care about low fares and competition for travelers flying from the airport most convenient to downtown.

When Virgin America enters a market, they help lower fares and provide a different product choice – a win/win for consumers and the City of Dallas.
- Virgin America would be the only carrier at Love to offer three classes of service, WiFi, power outlets and touch-screen seatback entertainment on every flight.
- Virgin America will also benefit the neighborhoods surrounding Love Field as their all-new fleet of A320 aircraft is 15% quieter than the competition.

There’s more than enough Love to go around. Do the right thing and stand with us to make it a ‘fare’ fight.

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