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Free JT Chestnut!

JT Chestnut, a wonderful gay young man, was forced to join the Army by his father when he was 18 years old to "straighten him out."  This was in 2007. JT was found out to be gay, harassed and under investigation for "homosexual conduct."

Because of the abusive envorinment and harassment he was recieving in the Army, JT went AWOL and ran away to West Hollywood, where he has lived a happy life and has become an integral part of the community.   On October 31st, the West Hollywood Sherriff's arrested JT, held him in LA County Jail and sent him to Fort Sill Oklahoma to stand trial for going AWOL.  Click HERE to read JT's story.  

JT has been a fierce advocate for gay rights and we NEED to help him.  Please tell the US Army to FREE JT Chestnut IMMEDIATELY!

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  • US Secretary of the Army John McHugh
    US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Fort Sill Commanding General Halverson

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