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FREE IMPRISONED TIGER in Denver Aquarium Event Center

This Sumatran tiger is living at the Denver Aquarium. It is a fancy event center, no better than a roadside zoo. This animal never is in sunlight, never feels grass beneath his feet or the wind on his face. He is stuck in a large air conditioned building for his whole life. He has concrete to lie on. People are encouraged to be in his face, and in his territory through large plate glass windows. The tiger seems to be bored with glazed over eyes.. His coat appeared to be ok, so he is eating well. But this is no place for a tiger.  Locked in a cage, forced to exist in one of the most unnatural environments possible, does not teach people about tigers, or wildlife  It just teaches us about humans who make money. Help us to free this tiger to go to a rescue sanctuary, to live a life with other tigers outside, on grass, in the sun and wind. For me, doing this is about being part of the solution......Aquariums are GREAT places for FISH...not tigers....

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