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Petitioning Fukushima Japan, Chief Prosecutor Toru Sakai

FREE HIROSHI HOSHI, and LEO HOSHI, Fukushima Animal Rescuers


Hiroshi Hoshi and Leo Hoshi were arrested on January 28th and are still in custody at the Futaba Police station.  They are under arrest for "allegedly" breaking laws.  We believe that that they are being targeted and unjustly detained due to their animal rescue of Fukushima animals.  They have actively rescued, cared for, vetted and adopted out over 200 animals left to die inside the Nuclear Zone by the Government of Japan.  FREE HIROSHI AND LEO HOSHI!  Please sgin as an individual or if you are an animal group we need your support. Please read our letter below in English and Japanese and share it .  We thank you.

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  • Fukushima Japan, Chief Prosecutor Toru Sakai

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