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Expectations subject to negotiation:

We petition Occupy Harvard to relocate their camp from the Yard or to alter the vehicle for their vocal activism. 

We petition Harvard Univeristy, as a result, to end all gate restrictions.


As a result with an intial dialogue with the administration Free Harvard has decided to add  Addendum B  11/19/2011

"We ask Occupy Harvard to draft a resolution on what they believe are appropriate security measures to A. protect the campers and B. prevent the camp from expanding with members not affliated with Harvard University. The appropriate solutions provided by Occupy Harvard do not require relocation or a gradual removal of the campsite, unless Occupy Harvard sees it in their interests to do so."


We are a group composed of those who support Occupy Harvard, those who do not support Occupy Harvard, those who are indifferent to Occupy Harvard, residents of the Yard with Harvard IDs, and participants of the Harvard community without Harvard IDs.

We realize and wholeheartedly support Occupy Harvard 's ability to demonstrate, to speak, and to engage in other expressive conduct on matters of public discourse.

We also realize and wholeheartedly support the University 's fundamental obligation to be attentive to the safety, security, and well-being of its students, faculty, staff on campus, and those sleeping outdoors for the duration of the protest.

We petition the Occupy Harvard movement to relocate their camp to an on campus location that is not within the gate perimeter of the Yard. We petition that Occupy Harvard relocate to a position on campus that allows them to continue to serve as a vital information hub for their movement, yet one that does not impede on the ability of those within and without the community who depend on the ease of movement throughout the Yard.

We believe if Occupy Harvard is in any way concerned with the opinions expressed by their community, they will move their camp to location that does not impede on the functions of their community and current excluded participants of it. We also believe that if the administration believes their initial actions have been appropriate and that if Occupy Harvard moves their camp outside the gated perimeter, the cited concerns of the administration regarding large demonstrations in residential areas and security for those choosing to camp outside for the duration of the protest will no longer apply and affect the Yard holistically.


Addendum A proposed and incorporated 11/15/2011:

"We hope that once Occupy Harvard chooses by its own accord to relocate their camp to an area outside of the gated perimeter or change the vehicle for their activism, the University will respond by relieving the established security apparatus that currently restricts gate access and allow unhindered movement of students, faculty, and participants within and without the Harvard community." 


We petition that the yard in front of the Littauer Center (read: Science Center), Radcliffe Yard, and the yard adjacent to the Law School are only some of the many locations Occupy Harvard should consider in order to prompt the administration to end gate restrictions for the greater welfare of all those who rely on the ease of access throughout Harvard and Old Yard.

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