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Free Darlene Brazil W26147

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Darlene Brazil W-26147
      Darlene is 45 years old and has been incarcerated for 23 years for second-degree murder.  Her sentence was 15 to life and her minimum eligible parole date was 1995.  She was found suitable for parole on June 23, 2009.      Darlene is a model inmate, with credit for good behavior.  The Board of Parole Hearing ordered psychological evaluation and has found her a low threat to society. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation counselors also found her to be a low threat to society.  She has been active in her rehabilitation, successfully completing parenting classes. She participated in anger management groups and workshops, and has facilitated the groups as well.    She attended 12-Step CODA (Co-Dependents Anonymous) classes.    Darlene is a Peer Helper (Inmate Assistant Clerk) for the Mental Health Department and taught Anger Management Classes, along with Self-Eseem classes.  She has made great strides in preparing herself for gainful employment. Involved with PIA Construction, she learned a Carpentry trade and upon release, PIA will help her get into the Union, pay her first year's  union dues, and will set her up with tools to get started.  She is also an Office Assistant for the Construction Supervisor I for Cal PIA Construction.  Her duties include all secretarial work i.e. data entry, filing, ordering mater ial, tool reports, day to day material and labor scheduling, etc.       She took a correspondence course in Administrative Assistance and has even been certified to drive a forklift. Darlene will have so many options for employment, because of all her marketable skills.  Darlene has paid her debt to society and is not a public safety risk.  She is able to be a valuable asset, rather than a drain on tax dollars.  She has re-entry parole plans hrough  Crossroads.    A second chance is what Darlene needs. 

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

State Capitol

Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax# 916-558-3160


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