Free Cyrus Wilson

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On October 16, 2019, Cyrus will have another parole hearing. This is a continuation from his hearing in April. Since April, he has taken the Strong R Risk Assessment and scored low risk, he completed a cognitive behavior course, and completed his psychiatric evaluation. Also, in that time he has been accepted to the Tennessee Technology Center in Nashville and also Project Return's job readiness program. Cyrus has the support of his family, friends, several prominent Nashville leaders, the faculty, staff, and students of Vanderbilt University, the loving congregation of our church family, and the Nashville community at large. Cyrus is an ideal candidate for parole and should be released immediately. 

In 1992, five days after his 18th birthday, Cyrus Wilson was arrested and charged with first degree murder. In 1994, after a one day trial he was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. He has maintained his innocence since the day he was arrested. He was convicted on the eye witness testimony of 2 juveniles, have since recanted their testimony in a court of law. The facts of the case are simple, he was targeted as a suspect because the victim stole his car 3 months prior to the murder. He did not swear out a warrant against the victim at the time because he was 17 years old and not able to do so. The gun the eyewitness testified that was used to commit the murder has been proven by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations to not be the murder weapon. This information was not made available to Cyrus’s defense attorney (a court appointed attorney who was under investigation for psychiatric issues and drug abuse and whose license to practice law was suspended a month after Cyrus's trial. 

Cyrus is 45 years old. He has spent all of his 20s and 30s in prison, and should not have to spend another day in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was a senior in high school when he was arrested. He did not get the opportunity to graduate from high school or attend college. He earned his GED a few months after he was convicted and has since taken several college classes through various programs that have been offered at the institution he is currently housed in.

His sisters were kids when he was sentenced and for many years his family was not able to visit him due to the distance of where he was located. He has since been moved to a facility closer to his family and has been able to establish relationships with his sisters and niece and nephew.

We met as teenagers and neither of us had the vast knowledge we now share of the legal system. We were naive enough to think justice would prevail and he would be found innocent of the crime he was accused of and come home and we could move forward with our lives. That was not the case and we have spent the last 27 years fighting for justice and for him to be released.

Please join me in signing this petition addressed to Bill Lee, the Governor of Tennessee and  Glenn Funk, the District Attorney of Metropolitan-Nashville Davidson County, Tennessee and ask them to free Cyrus Wilson! #freeCyrusWilson