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FREE Commander X

May 4, 2012
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President of Tunisia President Moncef Marzouki and
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A Message From Anonymous To The President & Government Of Tunisia

Friday - May 4, 2012

Dear President Moncef Marzouki --

We watched the recent episode of Julian Assange's new television show, on which you appeared as a guest - with great interest. We were especially gratified to hear you personally offer Mr. Assange full political asylum in your country. He is certainly a hero, both to the world as well as to the Tunisian Revolution. However we would like to bring to your attention another human rights and information activist who also dedicated hundreds of hours to saving the lives of journalists and activists during your recent revolution, and helped to organize many cyber protests against the web sites of the then dictator Bin Ali. He is known within Anonymous as Commander X, aka Christopher Mark Doyon.

We would also like to remind you that it was not only WikiLeaks that assisted you in your recent freedom revolution. The entire global collective of Anonymous, including Commander X - and thousands of other Anons, worked around the clock to provide invaluable assistance to the protesters in Tunisia - who are the real heroes of your revolution. After the dictator fled, and your country gained it's freedom - your people made this video thanking Anonymous for standing by the protesters in Tunisia.

And now, just as the USA government has targeted Julian Assange for his work in information activism, it has likewise targeted Commander X - unsealing a secret grand jury indictment against Mr. Doyon for a cyber protest he organized with Anonymous in defense of innocent protesters in Santa Cruz, California - USA who were being brutalized by the local police department. For this, Commander X faces a penalty of 15 years in prison and a $250,000.00 fine. Faced with what is purely a politically motivated assault on his freedom and human rights work, Commander X has chosen to flee into exile in Canada - where he is currently in hiding.

Anonymous calls upon you Mr. President, if you are truly grateful for our assistance during your revolution - to extend a similar offer of political asylum to Commander X, aka Christopher Mark Doyon - as you did to Julian Assange. This is your opportunity to show the world that Tunisia stands by it's friends, and stands up for all human rights and information activists. Commander X was deeply involved in Anonymous Operation Tunisia, spending hundreds of hours during that ten day period assisting the protesters in Tunisia. Now he desperately needs your help, and the sanctuary of a free Tunisia.

We Are Anonymous

We Are Legion

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This petition had 394 supporters

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