Free Captain Abu-Zaid Abdalla Salih

Free Captain Abu-Zaid Abdalla Salih

24 August 2013
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His Excellency Abdul-Rahman El-Saddig El-Mahdi (Presidential Aide, Office of the President of the Sudan, The People's Palace, Sudan) and 3 others
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Started by Abo Alreash

 We call for the Unconditional Release of Captain Abu-Zaid Abdalla Salih

Former police Captain Abu- Zaid Adballa Salih,  has been summarily tried and sentenced with a four year jail term, stripped from rank and given a fine of four and a half thousand Sudanese Ginah ( SDG), for presenting evidence of police corruption to the office of the president of Sudan, Omar Hassan El-Bashir.

Former Captain Abu-Zaid Abdallah Salih, had spent the past two years trying to resolve matters of police corruption,   and has been convicted of charges of ruining the reputation of the police force and fabrication of false information.

He was summarily tried without the right to call witnesses, dishonourably discharged, sentenced to a four year jail term, stripped of rank and fined 4.5 thousand ( Sudanese Ginah) SDG.  

We, the undersigned call for his immediate release and demand fair trial for Former Captain Abu-Zaid Abdallah Salih.

Captain Salih was merely carrying out his duties, as a law abiding officer of the police and as a Sudanese citizen, his duties were in line with the Sudanese Intern Constitution of 2005, Chapter III, section 23 (C) (d) and (g) states, that a citizen should

(c) Preserve public funds and assets and respect legal and financial obligations towards the State.

(d) avert and thwart corruption and sabotage,

(g) abide by law and co-operate with the appropriate agencies in the maintenance of law and order,

According to the Bill of Rights, section 28 and 29 of the Constitution, 

Every person has the right to dignity and integrity and liberty and security and shall not be subjected to arrest, detention and or restriction to liberty except for reasons and in accordance with procedures prescribed by law.”

According to Fair Trail, section 34 (4)

 “No person shall be charged of any act or omission which did not constitute an offence at the time of its commission.” 

And according to the Freedom of Expression and Media,

section 39 (1)

“Every citizen shall have an unrestricted right to the freedom of expression, reception and dissemination of information, publication, and access to the press without prejudice to order, safety or public morals as determined by law.”

My cousin Abu-Zaid did not commit a crime by presenting information, detailing police corruption through the channels of the Ministry of Interior and in failing to bring the matter to conclusion, to the Office of the President of the Sudan.

He followed the correct channels and adhered to lawful procedures, we call for him to be released immediately.

We demand that the President of the Sudan adhere to the basic principles, outlined on the Sudanese Constitution, signed and upheld by His Excellency  and His Exellency’s Government, with regards to  human and citizenship rights of Abu-Zaid Abdalla Salih.




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This petition had 571 supporters

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  • His Excellency Abdul-Rahman El-Saddig El-MahdiPresidential Aide, Office of the President of the Sudan, The People's Palace, Sudan
  • His Excellency Omar Hassan al-BashirSudan President of the Republic of the Sudan, Sudan
  • His Excellency Mohammed Bushara DousaMinister of Justice, Ministry of Justice, Sudan
  • His Excellency Ibrahim Mohamed HamedMinister of Interior, Ministry of Interior, Sudan