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An Indianapolis woman named Bei Bei Shuai has been charged with murder after attempting suicide.

She was an apparently average pregnant woman who was excited about her impending child, when her boyfriend left by her. In desperation after he left she attempted to commit suicide by swallowing rat poison. After the attempt friends took her to the hospital and she ended up giving birth to her daughter who died three days later. In a horrifying move she was then charged with murdering her baby.

Not only is this a horrifying use of the “justice” system against a woman who has already been through so much, these charges could set a precedent in which women who experience any kind of harm during pregnancy can be accused of trying to abort (or "murder") their fetus.

Please help and sign the petition to have the charges against her dropped.

Letter to
Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry
We would respectfully like to ask you to drop the charges against Bei Bei Shuai. She has been through too much already and we feel that charging her is a miscarriage of justice.

Ms. Shuai took the poison in an act of desperation after she found out that her partner was leaving her to raise the child herself. Her lawyer said Shuai had been excited about the baby, bought baby clothes, and rocked Angel for “hours and hours” before she died. These are not the acts of someone who was planning on murder. This is a young woman who was scared, desperate and didn't know what to do. To prosecute her for murder is a horrifying misuse of the justice system

We ask you in the name of justice to please drop the charges against her .

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