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Matthew Allan Johnson, a Direct Action Everywhere investigator, vegan, & dedicated animal-rights activist had been documenting the culling (mass-murder) of innocent beings in Iowa factory-farms merely because they were 'unprofitable' & 'useless'.

He placed covert cameras to observe & expose the unfair treatment of pigs in a barn in Iowa.
What he witnessed was absolutely horrifying, & it will shock you to your core.

Guiltless pigs & piglets were being massacred in a painful, torturous way whilst fully conscious.

The industry used 'ventilation shutdown' which is essentially raising the temperature to 150°, sealing off a large room cramped with thousands of pigs, & filling it with scalding, scathingly-agonising steam.
These pigs were screaming for help, but no-one cared.
They were even fully conscious!
They were dreading each passing moment, for hours on end, waiting for their inevitable doom.
The mothers were squealing for their babies, & the babies were squealing for their brothers & sisters.

'It has been deemed a humane way to put pigs down,' - exact words of a Sheriff's deputy.

After the heinous ordeal is over, their bodies are scraped aside like trash.

For most people, these poor animals are nothing more than, 'mmm bacon'.

But not for him.

He saw them as they truly are - playful, beautiful creatures, as smart as dogs, that too need love, kindness, & care.

He decided to take matters in his own hands.
He rescued piglets, washed them, treated their injuries & gave them warmth & affection.

And for this, he is now a convicted felon.

The enforcers of justice have took him in for standing up against the injustice.

Mahatma Gandhi went to prison for advocating non-violence.
Nelson Mandela went to prison for promoting racial equality.

And in today's world, those who speak for the voiceless, are 'terrorists' & 'criminals'.

There are ag-gag laws in place that criminalise whistle-blowing or photographing abuses of this industry.

Activists in the US can be charged as terrorists for disrupting the profits of any business that uses animals under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

They say it's 'humane', but they will arrest you for showing how 'humane' it is.

This is the world's longest standing injustice, holocaust, & exploitation.

'The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated,'
- Mahatma Gandhi

If you have made it this far, thank you - you care.

Would you be caring enough to pressurise the corrupt government to change?

Contact Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds & tell her that this INJUSTICE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ANYMORE.

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• Call her office at 515-281-5211 (Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM)
• Mail her in writing at:
Office of the Governor
Iowa State Capitol
1007 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50319 

Contact Attorney General of Iowa Department of Justice Tom Miller & tell him that the INEXCUSABLE ATROCITIES MUST END.

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