FREE Aimable Karasira from the hands of Rwanda’s dictatorship

FREE Aimable Karasira from the hands of Rwanda’s dictatorship

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Sign the petition: FREE Aimable Karasira from the hands of Rwanda’s dictatorship

A call for stopping the instrumentalization of Rwanda’s genocide as a tool of repression

Idamange International Mouvement and allied partner organisations constitute a coalition of human rights and democracy activists who strive to take back control of human dignity and rights from the hands of the oppressor. Inter alia, it advocates for the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Rwanda and supports change leading to the rule of law.

Can a genocide survivor in Rwanda express his traumas publicly and denounce those who killed his relatives when the latter are members of the Rwanda Defense Forces or belong to the ruling party’s officials without being harshly labelled as “revisionist” or “denier”?

Can genocide survivors freely express their opinions and grievance when they experience discrimination from accessing social assistance dedicated to survivors? Can anyone in Rwanda points out poor living conditions and injustices shared by ordinary citizens, challenges the mainstream narrative of the Government concerning the genocide or other issues without being labelled as “divisionist”, “enemy” of the State in Rwanda? Impossible.

In order to track, harass, jail even kill those not abiding by the public policies and the culture of silence about the horrible crimes committed by the army of the Rwanda Patriotic Front, before and after the 1994 Tutsi genocide, tailor-made laws have been put in place such as the notorious law punishing genocide denial and other laws related to public order maintenance, equivalent to repression and intolerance of the pluralism of ideas. WE CONDEMN THOSE UNJUST LAWS

Among many victims of unjust laws, the most renowned cases include the gospel singer KIZITO Mihigo, a genocide survivor, found dead in a police detention cell on 17th February 2020. He had been re-arrested while preaching empathy and reconciliation among all Rwandans as they all lost their beloved ones; Idamange Yvonne IRYAMUGWIZA, also a genocide survivor who publicly denounced misgovernance in general and deprivations that survivors are subject to, and this led to her brutal arrest on 15th February 2021. Her unfair prosecution is still underway. 

Aimable KARASIRA, 40 years old, has been arrested for prosecution on 31st May 2021 by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau. He had been illegally fired from his job as University lecturer on 14 august 2020, mainly because of his audacious views and stance of denouncing those who killed her mother and his father and recognizing other atrocities committed by the ruling party’s army against the Hutu ethnic group. His views and claims for justice for all were published through videos posted on his YouTube Channel -“Ukuri mbona” UKURI MBONA. He also uses his musician talents to express his opinions and feelings : .

In order to stifle and neutralise any critic and political opponent, and prepare the public opinion about its next harmful move, the ruling party and state security services also use media lynching to demonize the targets. Involved are the party-controlled media and blogs and intolerant groups of its members. Such as those under the name of Umurinzi Initiative whose online shameful hate petition publicly called for immediate arrest of Karasira Aimable and Agnes Uwimana Nkusi, an independent journalist and the like.

Well aware of the cost of past intolerance and impunity granted to the cronies and fanatics of the ruling party, we, supporters of KARASIRA‘s views, including a call for justice for all victims; those seeking democratic change and aspiring to an inclusive society; world citizens who share the universality of human dignity and human rights and freedom, we launch this petition with a multifold purpose:

  • We request from the Rwandan Government to unconditionally release from jail KARASIRA Aimable, who is being punished for telling the State’s wrongdoing to its citizens;
  • We strongly demand that the rights of the genocide survivors and those of every citizen be protected including the freedom of expression without any kind of discrimination, be it on the ground of their origin, history or opinion as provided by the country’s and international human rights laws;
  • Call upon Rwanda’s international partners to put more pressure on the RPF dictatorship to stop arbitrary arrest and detention, politically motivated trials against those peacefully expressing their opinion, tolerate critics and promote democracy and justice for all.

Thanks for standing up against the arrest of KARASIRA Aimable by signing and sharing this petition.

Idamange International Mouvement


0 a signé. Prochain objectif : 1 000 !
Quand elle atteindra 1 000 signatures, cette pétition aura plus de chance d'être inscrite comme pétition recommandée !