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Peaceful Activists under House Arrest for discussing a book

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17 Teachers, musicians, journalists, students, parents, and young peaceful activists in Angola have been sentenced to 2-8 years in jail accused of preparing a coup d'état, while discussing From Dictatorship to Democracy, a book which US author and scholar (Gene Sharp) meanwhile decided to give publisher rights to these activists families in need.

Most of these activists have taken hunger-strike periods in jail, as a form of peaceful protest against their widely acknowledge non-transparent legal process, since they were arbitrarily arrested on 20th June 2015.

Nuno Dala, a university teacher, took a 36-day hunger-strike between March and April 2016, demanding that both his medical tests and savings/credit cards taken away (with passcodes) by the Angolan government forces were returned in order to provide urgent support to his family. Meanwhile, he has also released a book in jail about their political thoughts against the billionaire Angolan dictatorship regime. Musician Luaty Beirão (Ikonoklasta) had also taken a 36-day hunger strike protest in jail in late 2015, while Albano Bingo was brutalised in jail and took a 12-day hunger-strike too. 

Serious concerns about the judgement and humanitarian condition of the 17 young peaceful activists in jail have been stated by the EU, UN and USA for the last year. Meanwhile, more and more citizens throughout Angola have been posting pictures on Social Media of families and children queuing on the ground in hospitals, while the 17 peaceful activists have been used as the perfect excuse for the oil- and diamond-billionaire government to keep domestic and international eyes away from Yellow Fever and Malaria crisis, oil price rises, countrywide strikes, mass poverty, etc. 

Why sign this petition requesting immediate release of these 17 peaceful activists' widely acknowledged illegal imprisonment, and help stop Angolan political crimes?

Firstly, please bear in mind that Luanda has become the most expensive city in the world under President José Eduardo dos Santos 35-year rule, hosting 4.900 millionaires and the richest elite in the globe, benefiting from billionaire oil and diamond revenues. However, half of Angolans live on less than 2USD a day, and 1 in 5 youngsters die before the age of 5.

The 17 sentenced activists, including young female activists Rosa Conde and Laurinda Gouveia, as well 19-year-old Nito Alves, have been attacked and tortured since 2012 by Angolan armed corps (following a long line of tortures and killings of other activists in the past decades) for demanding a more socially just and democratic Angola. Their Mothers and Wives have also been attacked by the police while protesting outside towards the activists' humiliating imprisonment in solitary cells, and harassment to prisoners and visitors. 

Angola's government was not able to formally charge them due to lack of evidence, and only issued a formal accusation after 106 days of detention, just as 8 of these activists first started Hunger strike periods in jail (since they were denied the right to Habeas Corpus and the possibility to await trial at home during the first 90 days of preventive detention). 

Since their imprisonment, families and friends have organised press conferences and peaceful gatherings in squares capital Luanda, which the government declared illegal as well. 

Please sign this petition, which will deliver an E-mail and Letter to the Ambassador at Permanent Mission of Angola at United Nations, the Head of Mission of Angola to the EU, the EU Ambassador in Angola and the Head of Human Rights at EU Delegation in Angola, requesting Angola President, José Eduardo dos Santos, the immediate release, followed by an official report on the health and legal condition in jail, of the following Prisoners of Conscience:

Luaty Beirão, 19-year-old Nito AlvesAlbano Bingo, Sedrick CarvalhoInocêncio Brito "Drux", Afonso Matias “Mbanza Hamza”, José Hata, HItler Samussuko, Fernando Tomás “Nicola”, Nelson Dibango, Arante Kivuvu, Nuno Álvaro Dala, Benedito Jeremias, Domingos da Cruz, Osvaldo Caholo, Laurinda Alves and Rosa Conde.

Freedom Now! #LiberdadeJa #Angola15 #LuatyBeirao

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