FedEx - STOP shipping trophy hunters’ SICK souvenirs

FedEx - STOP shipping trophy hunters’ SICK souvenirs

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Frederick W Smith (Chair & CEO FedEx)

Why this petition matters

American trophy hunter Chris Peyerk has controversially been given permission to take home a trophy of a CRITICALLY ENDANGERED Black Rhino that he killed for ‘sport’. 

He is now looking at shipping the trophy back to Michigan, US from Namibia. 

Over 40 airlines and courier companies such as DHL currently REFUSE to carry the body parts of animals killed by trophy hunters for fun - despite bullying tactics by trophy hunting lobbyists. 

Delta airlines bravely fought off an outrageous LAW SUIT brought by the industry when it REFUSED to carry a black rhino trophy. 

FedEx, however, has no such qualms. 

According to its Service Guide:

"Taxidermy-finished hunting trophies or completely processed (dried) specimens of whole animals or parts of animals are acceptable for shipment into the U.S." 

(Source: p160) 

Hunters depend on shipping companies who are willing to bring back the trophies of animals they’ve killed for fun - without them, they wouldn’t be able to boast about their exploits. 

It‘s time that FedEx STOPPED enabling trophy hunting! 

Our Message to Frederick W Smith, Chairman & CEO of FedEx

Dear Mr Smith

FedEx may be complicit in hastening the extinction of some of the world’s most vulnerable wildlife by helping hunters ship their sick trophies home.

Until you change your policy and STOP shipping hunting trophies, we will be campaigning for a GLOBAL BOYCOTT OF FEDEX.

7,908 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!