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On may 3oth 2012 our beloved daughter casey took her own life, we found out after she died that she had been relentlessly bullied at school, and it turns out the administration of the school knew and did nothing, of course they deny knowing or that a problem even exisits, because they have "policies" in place, also the sheriffs department are trying to hide and cover up the facts that bullying exists stating "its teasing not bullying" and "boys will give notes to girls about raping them and sexually explicit because its what boys do" I have heard that bulllies are often bullied at home, it does not excuse the behaviors and if the schools do not start a zero tolerance policy for bullying it will not stop. there is currently a zero tolerance policy for drugs why not bullying? this is an epidemic that spans virginia this county and even this nation, the prosecuters will not prosecute bullying because they are "juveniles" and it has to be expected to have these kind of behaviors" i can guarantee, if it had been one of their loved ones they would prosecute without hesitation!" we need to all unite and stop bullying let the schools and county know we will not tolerate this any longer one girl dying is too many!!!, casey was the type of girl who once you got to know her you liked her she had a great big heart, tried to protect others, and especially friended the underdogs she had a passion for special needs population having three siblings with special needs, i am proposing that senator vogel crack down on the sheriff and prosecuters and make them follow virginia law that states all bullying must be reported to the authorities and if criminal must be prosecuted, i believe sexual battery, attempted sexual assualt, sexual harassment, stalking, and assault are all crimes and happened to casey at school, please go to where you can be provideed with the defintion of bullying and what constitutes bullying under federal law to which their are remdies under federal law if the schools do not properly handle the bullying., casey left this world still trying to protect all those she loved. No other child should feel unsafe in school, or be afraid to come forward when someone is being bullied because they fear retaliation, no parent should have to fear for their childs safety at school or have to loose their child. Casey was so strong and the bullies found her weakness her big heart and crushed it. It is known fact that the schools idea is to either ignore the problem and hope it goes away or, have the bully talk it out with the victim (which we know makes the situation worse) or they tell the bully who reported them, the school also penalize any teacher or adult who comes forward threatening them with their jobs their livelihoods, the schools do not support parents in trying to advocate for their children who are victims and are often portrayed as bullies themselves. The schools are often afraid of the bullies parents for various reasons, money,(socioeconomic status) intimidation, social status(ie political,on sports teams, endowments, and sometimes the parents are bullies themselves) it doesnt matter, every child is precious and every child deserves an free and appropriate education, yes teaching starts at home but why cant the schools teach these youngsters that bullying is never appropriate or tolerated and immediatley give serious consequences when its reported?, instead of making the victim feel worse and the victims parents feel like bullies themselves,? or delaying consequences for bullying an example is a girl gets punched 9 times the parents make huge huge stink the school gives the bully one day in school suspension or another case of a girl who got punched repeatedly the parents made a huge stink again no punishment for the bully just moved the bully two lockers down.this clearly shows the bullies it is okay to behave this way and hurt people and the victims that they cannot trust school officials to keep them safe. The schools have absolute authority over our children even "custody" while they are on school property or at school functions, so why then can the schools get away with  not keeping our children safe from any harm? Check out their policies on bullying and any type of harassment at frederick county public schools website, also check out their disciplinary procedures that are not being implemented. As parents we are manadated to keep our children safe from all harm and if we dont we face dire consequences the schools should be held accountable, for not protecting casey and all the countless others who have been bulllied or contniue to get bullied please join me in fighting to get criminal prosecution for bullying, and tougher enforcement of disciplinary actions immediatley after being made aware of any bullying or bullying behaviorsl, it is a known fact bullying conssits of name calling too, see for the types of bullying and the behaviors considered bullying as well as the laws and policies virginia has that are not currently being implemented in Frederick County Public Schools. Please sign this petition, write letters about your experiences with bullying and where you are from and if you are a parent, teacher friend etc of somoen who has been or is being bullied.. I will take this pettiton to Ms. Vogel after i get as many signatures as i can you can write your own letters or stories to Ms. Vogel yourself and tell her the problems with bullying you have experienced and what you tried to do to advocate or problems you ran into with the schools and what you would like to see done to fix this ongoing problem, so that no other child like casey feels they have to die, and no one else suffers like we all have that knew and loved casey.we are all aware that the teenage years are filled with hormonal imbalances, social awkardness and that teenagers can and will often percieve life changing as you removing their ipods or cell phones as punishment. However we all know that teenagers are trying to find their place in society and their social circle is everything to them so when that circle crumbles it devistates them and words can hurt worse then any physical pain, when you verbally abuse someone repeatedly over time it wears them down and breaks their spirit and all our love couldnt fix it, school is supposed to be a place of learning and character education why is bullying even tolerated? ever? so thank you for supporting us and maybe we can all work together to mandate a ZERO POLICY FOR ANY TYPE OF BULLYING!!!! and our children can go to school and feel safe and we as parents can send our kids to school without worrying for their safety and well being.   JUSTICE FOR CASEY AND ALL OTHER BULLYING VICTIMS!

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