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In a time where nostalgia has been trending up in the menu, (particularly in the animation hospitality aspect) We all should be excited that most classic series "Pinky and The Brain", "Tiny Toon Adventures" and like "Animaniacs" for instance - will not only be available for viewing in various streaming services but the show has gotten a revival which is great for old and new fans alike. 

However, I, as well as many others, should mention the absence of the often forgotten (but brilliant) WB Animated Series, "Freakazoid!".  Steven Spielberg being attached to the revival of "Animaniacs" , one can only hope that the discussion of a "Freakazoid" revival would be next on the table and should this very petition be the one wishing to have Tom Ruegger, John McCann, Paul Rugg (and crew) back at the whim of this wacky wantastic cult classic would be ideally sensational! A revival would entice any child of the 90's to introduce their children to this cavalcade of craziness!

[Brief History of "Freakazoid!" ]

"Freakazoid!" was initially conceived as an action adventure show (with a bit of comedy), but at the insistence of Spielberg, it was re-tooled into a pure comedy, at which point Bruce Timm, realizing that he wasn't suited for something so unabashedly goofy, stepped aside note and was replaced by Tom Ruegger as principal showrunner. Although the show attracted a loyal following, the demographic it delivered was older than what Kids' WB was aiming for (the show was marketed towards young children, who, not surprisingly, didn't quite understand the show's often arcane sense of humor). After a series of baffling time slot changes failed to improve ratings, the show was canceled after just two seasons. Despite this, the show later aired on Cartoon Network and has a cult following to this very day!

"Freakazoid" is currently ranked #53 on IGN's TOP 100 ANIMATED SERIES list.

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