Recycling on Fraser Island

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Did you know that Fraser Island, a World Heritage National treasure, currently has no recycling system in place?

Fraser Island is famously known for being a pristine National Park popular amongst visitors for it’s 4WDriving, camping, fishing and of course swimming in the most beautiful freshwater lakes.

Sadly, this natural wonder is being rubbished, and the nearly half a million people that come to immerse themselves in island time every year are starting to take their toll.

Many people are just lucky enough to visit just once, few people, like me are lucky enough to live on the island. After a few months of getting into island life I realized that it was not so idyllic after all.

The island itself is beautiful, but you can’t walk along the beach without filling up a bag of rubbish these days. It’s really sad to see, and seeing it everyday has motivated me to start this petition.

I believe that when people realize that one of our national treasures is being destroyed by pollution, and that both our Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) and Fraser Coast (FC) Council are not doing anything to combat this problem, that they will be just as disgusted as I was.

Let’s declare a Fraser Island War on Waste and demand better recycling services, better education and more community led events to help clean up the beaches.

After all, is that not what you pay national park fees for, so our government can afford to preserve the park? Please help me raise awareness of this issue so we can help keep Australia beautiful. 

The facts:
No recycling services have been offered on the island since 2008 when the council stopped it due to contamination. No residents or business owners were notified of this change.
Both FC Council and QPWS advertise yellow lidded bins. However in 2015 after a resident had raised the recycling issue on the island the councils responded only by putting up small laminated signs on the bins to inform people that there was no recycling services on the island and to instruct them to take their recycling rubbish with them. Whilst this is most ideal the reality is that none of us want to drive around with rubbish in our cars and this does not provide an answer for residents and business owners.
QPWS charge $52 for a vehicle permit. $7 a night for camping and $7 a day for people on tours.
The waste contract for Fraser Island is a joint contract between Fraser Coast Council and QPWS.
More than 6 tonnes of plastic waste is removed from 75 Mile Beach each year by a small group of volunteers. They barely scratch the surface. Please support this too 
14 tour operators provide guided tours to the island, all are ‘eco-certified’, and yet only a handful of these operators recycle.
400,000+ people visit the island each year and it is estimated that 35% of all consumer generated waste is drinks containers that all qualify for the 10c container deposit scheme.
Fraser Island is home to one of the purest water sources in the world and the water table can be accessed as little as 2 meters underground. It is also home to landfills that have long been covered over and are sinking into the island water table.
A recent study by a local found that there was an average of 100 micro plastics on the surface of 1 square metre of sand. If you times this by 75miles of east coast beach, with an average of a 10 meter wide beach that’s more that 120Million pieces of small plastic just on the surface! Micro plastics are classified as anything the size of a 50c piece or smaller.
Please help! By signing today you will assist in impacting a positive change for the world’s largest sand island.