Point Vernon Foreshore Enhancement Group

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This petition has been created to allow concerned residents of Point Vernon and the Fraser Coast to harness a voice to the Fraser Coast Regional Council, regarding the current vision and direction of the Point Vernon foreshore.

There has been a recent change in the maintenance levels and appearance of the regions showpiece area. Councils new direction is built on a strategy of less mown parklands, weed, sapling and undergrowth generation under the guise of regrowth. A council taskforce  is currently rolling out actions to shrink parkland areas, let high grass grow near the beach line and generally accept this new untidy appearance as an appealing look. This new approach is being done with out any recent consultation from locals and seems to be in direct contravention of their  key objectives put on paper back in 2012 . “ Key Objective – Provide opportunities   for a range of informal and formal recreational activities in a semi-natural setting-possible expansion for existing recreational area.”

As residents, and tourists to this beautiful piece of our pristine foreshore, we should be afforded new opportunity to engage in discussion.

If we do nothing and let the Fraser Coast Regional Council continue along this path without voicing & imparting our vision, the area will be derelict and unsavoury within just a few short years.

What can you do about this ?

Firstly sign this petition and let the Fraser Coast Regional Council know that it is not ok to head down this path without consulting with the residents of the area that will be greatly affected by these decisions made. The  master planning states its implementation on need and community consultation, despite that consultation being up to a decade old. Furthermore, the damage is currently underway, despite written submissions sighting the damage to areas reputation & amenity. 

Secondly we want the Fraser Coast Regional Council to know that residents don’t approve of overgrown scrub that will attract vermin such as foxes, snakes and rats, as is already evident in other already unkept areas of our beautiful foreshore.

The current action is a recipe to encourage littering, drug use and other unsavoury conduct.  We are asking the Fraser Coast Regional Council to enhance our piece of the Esplanade, remove the weeds, restore our parks, remove long overgrown grass clear out the vermin and find better ways to stop potential erosion.

But most of all consult with the Point Vernon electorate before they continue reversing a decade of good work from previous councils. This petition is a call to action to tell our council what they are currently and suddenly doing is not acceptable for our Foreshore .

Enhance the Point, and bring back the grass.