desperately needed full fence with a latch gate around the Frankston Foreshore Playground


desperately needed full fence with a latch gate around the Frankston Foreshore Playground

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Tanya Thomas started this petition to Franskton City Council and

For the last 3 years I have been trying unsuccessfully to have Frankston Council install a full fence around the foreshore playground. This park is hailed as an all abilities playground and has the inclusion of a liberty swing. However due to its location with dangerous areas on 3 sides of the park , Nepean hwy, a busy car park and The Frankston Beach, This park is not accessible  by our disabled community.

A little bit of background about me I am on the committee for my children's local SDS school. 

I changed the way Frankston Hospital triages and treats patients with special needs with the inclusion of the autism and disability passport, idea for the PECs communication system, special needs training for Dr's  and nurses.

And school tours at the hospital emergency rooms  for child with special needs

. I have recently partnered with FDBA to start an all abilities basketball clinic which is currently in the trail phase.

I run a online support and information group for parents of children with special needs we have support lunches.

I have children with autism and its a well know fact that many children with autism often abscond, usually headed to bodies of water which presents a drowning issue   Finding a park that is suitable to our needs is a issue with only the 4  parks being fully fenced out of the 96 parks available in the Frankston / Mornington peninsula area 

The excuses have been many as to why this cant happen from:

Cant build a fence on crown land ( even though a small fence is currently there )

saying the community as threatened to picket council for caging in our children

 and I quote " A fully enclosed fence is NOT a good LOOK for the city" however it is partially fenced on the beach side only.

It seems the look  of the park has  overshadowed the safety concern. 

I have met with Mr Paul Edbrooke  MP who is supportive of my cause and Cr Mayer has forwarded  my request to the Councillors Office which has been logged as a Councillor Request.

This has been assigned to a relevant Manager to action. However I still need a council members support to bring this idea to fruition. So to that end I have started this petition to show Frankston City Council that the community is supportive of this inclusion to the Frankston Foreshore Playground. Please help me to bring this safety measure from an idea to reality. I ask you to sign this petition and to share and ask your family and friends to sign as well the more people in and around the community who are in support of this project the more chance we have that Frankston Council will listen to our needs and provide this safety inclusion  

Thank you for your help 


This petition made change with 290 supporters!

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