Remove “All Lives Matter” from police vehicles in Frankton, Indiana.

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The goal of this petition is to get the Frankton, Indiana police to remove “All Lives Matter” from their patrol vehicles. 

Frankton, Indiana is a small farming town in the Midwest, with not much diversity. “All Lives Matter” was placed on the vehicles during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM brings attention to injustices against people of color, mostly committed by police officers. The “All Lives Matter” group was created to silence and villainize people of color fighting for justice. 

This controversial slogan does not belong on the vehicles of those meant to protect and serve. I believe this slogan on the vehicles can give the wrong impression of the town. 

Every citizen deserves to feel safe in their town and I believe removing this slogan will help with that. I also believe removing this slogan will increase diversity and help diminish the negative, racist stereotypes that rural midwest towns receive.