Frankston's vulnerable residents need your Support

Frankston's vulnerable residents need your Support

23 June 2017
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Paul Edbrooke MP (Member Parliament, Victorian Government) and
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Started by Fran Westmore

A year ago City Life and the Frankston Breakfast Club were providing in excess of 9000 meals a month to the homeless and vulnerable residents of Frankston. In June 2016 they lost their venue and the residents lost their access to good, hot meals as well as to a precious sense of belonging and community. For some, it was their only positive social contact. Since then a variety of organisations, supported by Frankston City Council, have been trying to fill some of the emergency food gap. On 1st July even this limited support will be unfunded and services will cease.

We care about our vulnerable residents who already have a tough road in life. We dont want them to be cold and hungry and lonely. They deserve our help and care. 

We call upon Paul Edbrooke MP and Sonya Kilkenny MP for the State Govt, Chris Crewther MP for the Federal Govt and Cr Brian Cunial for Frankston City Council to come together with our Resident emergency service providers and establish the following:

- A continuation of interim emergency food services until a long term solution is implemented

- A permanent venue at a peppercorn lease

- Recurrent funding sufficient to provide the level of service required

- A Collective of government and resident crisis service providers to design and implement a model and management for the service


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This petition had 650 supporters

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