We can end food waste!

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Every week, I work with people who suffer from hunger in our country. These men and women are deprived of an essential human right, which is to have enough food to eat.

For three years, I have been collecting unsold but good-to-eat food from twenty-five supermarkets in my neighbourhood. Thanks to the generosity of these socially-engaged business owners, we distribute between two hundred to four hundred free food baskets per month. These baskets include fruits, vegetables, bread, snacks and canned goods.

We all know best before dates are part of a marketing strategy. While rats are eating perfectly good food, an estimated 800,000 Canadians rely on food banks every month. These statistics are alarming!

In Quebec, there is a food recovery program, which should result in unsold food from supermarkets going to food banks and to the mouths of the people who are hungry. However, it is not yet required for large supermarkets or for medium/small food shops to coordinate food redistribution with organizations.Shopkeepers, grocers and restaurant owners still throw away large quantities of food suitable for consumption.

For different reasons including fear of seeing their reputation tarnished, various business owners prefer spoiling good food — some even lock their dumpsters to stop people going through their garbage.

These unsold goods allow a large number of people to feed themselves. They also provide a sharing and redistribution opportunities for people in need and contribute to creating solidarity networks in our communities.

Because hunger never dies unlike the hungry; because we all need food regardless of our social rank; because in 2019, everyone knows that food waste is a crime against humanity: we demand our decision-makers take action.

We are asking the Government of Quebec to make it illegal to deliberately destroy unsold food products. We are also asking them to implement an effective recovery program for unsold food, so that supermarkets develop partnerships with food redistribution organizations.

Similar laws already exist in European countries, including in France since 2016 and now Italy and Finland as well. While Europe is leading the fight to end food waste, what is currently being done in North America? Our federal government is currently considering national measures to prevent food waste: why not lead the way for other Canadian provinces in Quebec?

Mr. Legault: we know you can be a leader in the fight against food waste and hunger in Quebec. Please sign and share this petition today to support those who are hungry in Canada.

#WhyWasteFood? #PourquoiGaspiller?