High School Student health

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I am a high school student at Lasalle Community Comprehensive  High School. There are currently cases at the school. I am planning a walkout on Thursday October 1st, 2020 at 11am in order to promote awareness of what is happening in the schools.
One of the main problems in the schools at the moment is that the students can not social distance properly within the classroom because some of the classrooms are too small. Many of the classrooms do not have windows, or proper ventilation.
We have been told that we do not have to wear a mask in the classroom, however we can’t maintain the six feet distance in order to remain safe. We would like for the province of Quebec to allow for on-line learning as it is available elsewhere without having to obtain a doctor’s note. The rules that the government have put in place have put children, staff (teachers, support workers, bus drivers, etc…) and family members at risk because they are too strict. They need to be much more accessible to students.
We understand that some parents have to send their children to school, however the ones that have an option are not being allowed to do online learning. This will help to reduce the spread of the virus.
It should also become mandatory to wear a mask in the classroom. It is a public area. If wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere else, why is it not mandatory in classrooms? Many students don’t wear the mask in the classrooms, and most don’t in the hallways.
Children are our future and it seems right now that they are NOT being protected or taken care of.  Why are we as the children being put at risk?