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Cristina R.K. gave birth to Leo in the Clínico Hospital in Madrid in 2015. Soon after they moved in together with his French father to Toulouse, where they lived for some time at his parents’ house. In the following months Leo’s dad began taking drugs and drinking alcohol and violence started as well. This happened at the beginning of 2016.

In the midst of that same year they were granted social accommodation. The situation did not change. In January 2017 Cristina reported the actions of G.C. (which is the name of the father) and G.C.’s dad to the French authorities. Both of them for gender violence. She then attended the French court sessions to solve the custody issue, be able to separate and come back to Spain in a legitimate way. Meanwhile, she had to run away from their house and she found refuge in a hotel (shelters in Toulouse had a waiting list of three months).

On the 16th of March, 2017 she was granted the custody and the dad some rights to visit (Cristina also became the one in charge of bringing Leo to their previous house in Toulouse for visits despite the evident psychological trauma it involved and the financial costs to which he didn’t contribute, he did not pay the corresponding pension). She immediately moved to Spain. On the 27th of March Leo was signed in a new school and she soon began to think about how to start over with her life. 

At the moment she lives with her dad, recently widowed and disabled. She works as a taxi driver and Leo attends school on a regular basis.

After the first sentence, an appeal against the decision arrived from France. On the 20th of November another trial took place and on the 18th of January, 2018 Cristina was made aware that either she would come back to France to engage in shared custody beginning since the Spring holidays or she would loose the custody and the kid would have to come back to France.

Shortly after this, Cristina posted a demand for a modification of these measures in Spain (current residency country for them and therefore competent in the matter) exposing meaningful circumstances for the life of both, the kid and the mum.

They were given a date: the 4th of April. The trial was suspended with G.C. claiming that he did not have enough time to prepare his defense. They got a new date: the 25th of April.

Now Cristina has been communicated that the trial is again suspended because Leo’s dad, during this time ahead of the deadline, has activated a lawsuit to get Leo back for illegal retention although Cristina is fulfilling her visiting rights that will last until the 30th of April.

The trial of the 25th was expected to be a trial for the provisional measures in which, until further reflection, we ask that Leo stays in Spain, a country where he has been living for over a year, with his mother, of whom he has never ever been separated. Leo is 2 years and almost 5 months. He is the victim of all this.

French authorities closed the file on gender violence stating that there is not sufficient evidence (despite there’s a report of lesions with 2 days off work signed by a forensic doctor and a psychological report) and without notifying the victim of this official decision.

Lawsuits posted in Spain do not move because the person who committed the crimes of harassment, non-payment, etc. is not present within Spanish territory. Cristina is under protection of the Spanish authorities (CAPSEM) and the Spanish police gave her the status of high risk victim.

French courts omit previous G.C.’s criminal records for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol or domestic violence. They just say that “it’s for the child’s good” and defend their own citizen and his demands despite the fact that the kid was born in Spain, has Spanish nationality and has been living in Spain for longer than a year. Leo’s dad brands Spanish courts in general incompetent and he asks for postponement after postponement, each time granted.

Now they are absolutely unprotected and frightened. A less than 3-year-old child is going to be separated from his mother who is the only constant during his short life. 

For all this, we want to make their story known, mobilize as many people as possible to avoid such an outrage. For the little one for whom this would mean a condemnation for the rest of his life (if he survives a childhood of violence, drugs and alcohol) and for the mum. He would finally succeed destroying her by separating her from the little one.