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Started by Annette Dubokovich

Regardless of the number of beatings a jockey can administer to a horse having been reduced - this is unnecessary cruelty to animals for human gain.

I submit to you a request BAN THE WHIP.

Obviously horse racing is not going away - we saw that with the result on dog racing - but at least we don't need to add the extra cruelty factor of the WHIP. Please do something about this.

It's bad enough that they're raced, then discarded at the end of their use whether they've made their owners millions or if they haven't met the grade.

Again, please do your best to BAN THE WHIP - surely they know they've gotta GO HARD? So why add insult to injury with the sting of the whip.
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142,578 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!