Reopen Twin Falls Chalet for Fran Drummond’s Operations

Reopen Twin Falls Chalet for Fran Drummond’s Operations

3,393 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
Petition to
Michael Nadler (Parks Canada Interim CEO)

Why this petition matters

Started by Jessica Drummond

Twin Falls is open for summer 2019, and will be closed afterwards. This is Fran's last summer. She is on her way up the mountain and I am booking for August 2019.

Fran had not intended on being open for August and there is dwindling availability.

Please email me directly - for bookings. I am handling bookings while Fran runs the chalet!

Fran has been granted 2019, with December 31st the date to remove her belongings. Now, more than ever we need signatures to Michael Nadler. Now more than ever, Fran needs our help. She is on her way to the chalet as of July 13, 2019 for her last summer.

Twin Falls Chalet is at risk of being shut down. Fran needs our help!

A week before operating season Fran received a letter from Parks Canada stating that her lease would not be renewed. She has run this chalet for 57 successful years, and does not deserve to be treated this way.

No reason was given by Alex Kolesch of Parks Canada as to WHY they refuse to renew the lease, though it is highly likely that in the same manner of event that happened to Sunshine Valley Ski Resort - they are after more money!

What you can do to help -
-Donate. Any donations from here forth will be going to day to day expenses due to loss of income from this operating season. 

-Join our Facebook group and spread the word. This is KEY. In the photos within the group there is a photograph with a poster containing a QR code which will scan back to the GoFundMe page.

-Share news articles about what has happened. These are in the group! 

-Write to your PM. Write asking why this has happened. How they think it is acceptable to shut a business owner out, a week before operations have begun for her yearly business.

-Write to Michael Nadler - Interim CEO for Parks Canada

We need more signatures, more shares. Keep the word out there. 

- Send Fran your love. Please keep sharing your support by sharing your kind words, memories, stories, and photos about my aunt. She is such an amazing woman. As this goes on I will be collecting all of these testimonials and photographs to put together into a scrapbook for her.

Thank you. Thank you all so much for your support.



3,393 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!