Create a Safer and Equitable Fordham University That Cares for Student's Sexual Health and Well-Being

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S.A.G.E.S. (Sex and Gender Equity and Safety) Student Coalition is a coalition of Fordham University students dedicated to sex and gender equity on Fordham University’s campus and beyond. We believe that the lack of access to condoms and other essential contraceptives as well as sexual health services that promote the well-being of students’ minds, bodies, and spirits on campus is part of a troubling pattern of injustice within our campus and throughout the country that permeates every facet of our lives. We envision a Fordham University that supports the holistic well being of all of its students. This vision relies on Fordham taking responsibility for the health and welfare of every person within our community regardless of their gender and sexual orientation.

And we are not alone. According to our poll:

  • 68% (186) of students strongly disagree with Fordham's contraceptive policy

  • Of students who self-identified as Catholic, 53% (65) strongly disagree with Fordham's contraceptive policy. 74% of Catholic students either somewhat disagree or strongly disagree.

  • Only 2% (6) of respondents do not use condoms for religious, political, or personal reasons.

  • 78% (215) respondents have used or do use condoms.

  • 80% (221) respondents have engaged or do engage in sexual activity.


We believe that transparency and dialogue are only the beginning of the solution to this problem. This is not just an intellectual debate about political or religious beliefs; the health of Fordham students is on the line. Though this conversation has been had time and time again, this does not detract from its urgency; in fact, it adds to it.

Thus, we demand that the Fordham administration and Board of Trustees take action. Fordham’s outdated policies facilitate a sex-negative campus culture. We believe that by implementing the following, Fordham will make positive strides toward a healthier and safer community.

  1. Free condoms in accessible community spaces to foster an environment in which students are encouraged to talk about sex in healthy and safe ways

  2. Free and confidential access to birth control and STD testing on campus on a consistent and reliable basis.

  3. GYN services at the Health Center done by GYN professionals

  4. Resources for pregnant women and child care for Fordham community members.

  5. A Free Speech Zone in an open and visible space allowing students to voice concerns and engage in free and open discussion with anyone on campus

  6. Sex positive programming in freshmen orientation that extends into dorm programming or as a sustained dialogue

  7. Eliminate Fordham's sex-shaming, gendered dorm pass policies, which are paternalistic, infantilizing, and heteronormative. These policies ignore student’s potential for co-ed friendships.

  8. Implement co-ed, non-sex-segregated dorm options for trans and gender non-conforming students so that housing options reflect the breadth of student social and sexual experiences, keeping students safer and happier

Please support our struggle for a safer and healthier Fordham University. We believe that this struggle not only has implications for thousands of Fordham Students across New York, but also for millions of students and communities across the nation.

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