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Petitioning WLUK FOX Green Bay/ FOX 11 General Manager and 4 others

FOX Sports: End the use of Troy Aikman as the "Commentator" for Green Bay Packer Games

There is a very large part of the Green Bay Packer fan base that really, really, really seem to dislike the man. In my opinion, Mr. Aikman has demonstrated his dislike for the Packer Organization for most of his career. His distaste and constant demonstration of such has caused irreparable damage to the relationship between the on air "so called" celebrity and FOX's viewers. Green Bay Packer Fans have a long history of pride in OUR team and DO NOT and will not appreciate the constant show of his disrespect to The Green Bay Packer Team and its strong fan base.

Letter to
WLUK FOX Green Bay/ FOX 11 General Manager
WFXS / FOX 55 Robert Raff
Program Manager, FOX 25/48 WLAX/WEUX Patricia Stiphout
and 2 others
Vice President, Communications, FOX Sports Media Group Dan Bell
Fox Susan Chalfant
End the use of Troy Aikman for the "Commentator" for Green Bay Packer Game