We are Demanding A Safer Reopening for Albion College

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Students with Power and Not Mi Campus have come together to stand up against the unjust and unsafe re-opening of Albion College's campus. Sign the petition if you believe student lives and student voices matter! 

Our 5 calls to action are as follows:

Albion College must...

  1. Allow students to choose whether they will take online or in-person classes in the Spring semester. 
    1. With this Albion College must protect undocumented students and international students' Albion College membership.
    2. Albion must also give students an affordable payment plan either way.
  2. Allow students to choose whether or not they want to stay on campus without the off campus fee of $780 per semester if they cannot afford it.
    1. With the free space from students leaving campus, allow students the choice of having single rooms.
  3. Make a public commitment to not further marginalize or exclude undocumented and international students, faculty or staff 
    1. This includes Albion maintaining flexibility with the insurance requirements for all undocumented persons, international persons, and persons who have lost their health insurance due to uncontrollable circumstances.
  4. Provide laptops and internet access/hot spots for those in need if Albion goes 100% virtual by force.
    1. Give students access to a library laptop.
    2. Students should be able to check the laptop out and return it at the end of the semester.
    3. Albion College must provide students with free internet access and hotspots. 
  5. Create more online and in person counseling options with the intersectionality of students in mind.
    1. Expand the online and in person resources to be more inclusive to Black people, Indigenous people, People of Color, and LBGTQ+ persons.