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Tell Fox News You are Sick of Shepard Smith's Toxic & Hateful Anti-Trump Reporting!

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Shepard Smith goes beyond merely being another liberal commentator/journalist/anchor/reporter on Fox News Channel. There are several of them, and that's NOT the issue. Mr. Smith infuses his show with a demonstrably hateful, contemptuous, and toxic anti-Trump tone, and his "reporting" often sounds like Democrat talking point propaganda. He comes across as having a vendetta against any policy or viewpoint that is right-of-center. He seems to stack his show with guest that either agree with him already or are unwilling to stand up to him. This is NOT "fair and balanced". REMEMBER, HIS PROGRAM IS IN A TIME-SLOT FOR HARD NEWS, NOT OPINIONATED JOURNALISM! If he wants to behave this way, let him become a commentator on a show in an opinionated-journalism timeslot. 

We do NOT demand that every single personality on Fox News be "pro-Trump" or "conservative" or even "Republican". Yet, we do not want them to grandstand and make fools of themselves in order to advance their personal agenda, like Mr. Smith did when attempting to embarrass President Bush in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, with his on-air force-crying on and expressions of rage at the government in accordance with the Democrat agenda to undermine the President. (He embarrassed himself, not to digress.) That was undignified and beneath Fox News, and many of us turned off FNC coverage when he was on.

We don't care if Shep disagrees with something President Trump is doing, but we're tired of his anger-filled and hateful-sounding tone, and we want him to have strong guests on who disagree with his assessments if he is going to pretend to report hard news during that time-slot. We want him to stop coming across as having an agenda to undermine President Trump and almost anything right-of-center. If he cannot meet these reasonable demands (since he is an anchor in a hard-news timeslot), then we ask that Fox News Channel instead make him either a commentator or a reporter on an opinionated journalism program. Thank you. 

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