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Fox News Reports Red Wolf Team Drowns & Hammers Litters of Innocent Coyote Pups!

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Fox News Reports - "USFWS tried trapping and sterilizing the hybrids to stop their proliferation. It also went den hunting, euthanizing hybrid newborns using water buckets and hammers to kill the offspring. While considered inhumane, some animal rights advocates support the technique, sacrificing the coyote as a means of saving the wolf."

"It's very difficult, we've often been asked, 'Why can't they just let those animals live?'" said Wheeler.  "So then, we have more hybrid genetics on the landscape. You really have to stay focused on what the goals of this program are."

"The use of steel leg-hold traps was also controversial. In California, the Animal Welfare Institute is suing to stop their use, while in North Carolina it is suing FWS for failing to use the traps to stop hybridization."

Representive Pricey Harrison championed a letter to Congress, supporting this barbaric pup extermination effort.  Calling for USFWS to resume the use of taxpayers funds to carry out the adaptive extermination of nursing coyote pups on public lands while expanding the use of body gripping steel leg-hold traps on refuge lands. 

Defenders of Wildlife, Animal Welfare Institute and Red Wolf Coalition (Plaintiffs) continue to use donor funds in part to advocate for expanded Trapping & Den Hunting all supported by Rep. Harrison! 

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