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Release an official apology to the asexual community

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An asexual is someone who doesn't experience sexual attraction. Fox News recently released a report on asexuality, an orientation which generally has very little media coverage. Though jokes are perfectly acceptable, many members of the asexual community found their report offensive and tasteless - there is a line, and Fox News have crossed it. They likened asexuals to lepers, and said "it’s called being a woman every three and a half weeks". They implied asexuality was fake, saying "it [the study] went around to a bunch of men, and they didn’t want to, you know, have sex ten times a day, and suddenly they’re asexual", and that asexuals didn't deserve recognition - "if it’s that small a portion of the population, do I have to recognize you?".
Overall, the report was upsetting and humiliating for members of the asexual community, many of whom are still coming to terms with their sexuality. Many asexuals - on coming out - are faced with people saying that is doesn't exist, or that it's a mental illness. This report only reinforces this viewpoint.
This is especially disappointing because asexuality is such an under-studied and under-publicised orientation, so any media coverage has a particularly large effect on opinions of it.
Because of this, we would like Fox News to release an official apology to the asexual community for their report on 22nd August 2012.

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