NewJERSEY Schools should void 4th Quarter Grading and Pass All 2019/2020 classes

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New Jersey school should void 4th quarter grading and pass All 2019/2020 classes. 
Due to this tragic Corona virus event going on here therefore we aren’t able to have our education continues for the 2019/2020 years. Many kids isn’t able to access online school their for we should’ve be taking this tragic time to spend time with our family not stressing over school work that most student doesn’t have no idea what to do. The online school make it hard for students to comprehend the knowledge the teachers trying to teach us. 
By void the rest of the 2019/2020 school year it will help the students grades for the better no parent want to see their child fail. With the supportive of our parents /guardian and many more  this petition should make a big difference to our kids future and the rest of the schools to began to preparing for the upcoming school year. For the graduating classes of 2020 they should receive their own ceremony ceremonies achievements and reward in the incoming school year during September.