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Fire Jesse Watters

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In the latest O’Reilly Factor segment about how Asians will vote in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, correspondent Jesse Watters swarmed the streets of Chinatown in New York City. Not to gauge Asian support for Donald Trump, not to explore Asian culture, but to ridicule Asians at the entire Asian community's expense. He ridiculed an elderly woman's English-speaking abilities and mock-asked two Asian women about how they should be approached. This Asian exploitation is not the first racial offense by Watters, and with this latest segment, Watters must finally lose his platform. Watters has no credibility as a journalist.

FOX News is a channel that tolerates and perpetuates racism. We understand that this is their brand of journalism. But that doesn't stop us from wanting Watters off our screens.

The points Watters made in his segment are not new. Asians are frequently typecast as docile, meek, submissive. Voiceless. We have a long way to go, but removing Watters is a step in the right direction.

Help us make the point that cheap, racist jokes must not be tolerated. Help us support the Asian community.

Props are not a part of our identity. Together, we can remove one more racist voice from American media.


Olivia and Audrey Deng

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