Fox Hollow Swim Club: No Cell Phone Tower in Fox Hollow, Cherry Hill, NJ

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We, the undersigned, represent citizens opposed to the placement of an AT&T cell phone tower on the grounds of the Fox Hollow Swim Club in close proximity to residents and the protected Green Acres wetlands.

AT&T intends to build a 120-foot cell phone tower on land leased from the Fox Hollow Swim Club.

We, the undersigned, oppose the cell phone tower for reasons including, but not limited, to the following:

Intrusion into Residential Areas
The Fox Hollow Swim Club is located on Partridge Lane, the central thoroughfare of Fox Hollow, in the heart of the neighborhood and near many homes. If this cell tower is built, a precedent is set for cell towers in every Cherry Hill neighborhood with a swim club or a school with Institutional zoning. Moreover, once built, more telecommunications companies can co-locate to the tower in the future.

Diminished Property Values and Aesthetics
We have a beautiful neighborhood with buried utility lines. A cell phone tower—even and especially one that will be made to look like an artificial tree—will mar the beauty of the neighborhood and decrease its desirability for residents and homebuyers alike. According to a 2005 study published in the Appraisal Journal, “the results of the sales analysis show prices of properties were reduced by around 21% after a CPBS [cell phone tower] was built in the neighborhood.”

Environmental Threat for Wildlife
Green Acres, immediately adjacent to the proposed cell tower, is home to dozens of species of wildlife. A recent review of the literature by the Bombay Natural History Society found 593 studies showing the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from cell phone towers on birds, bees, wildlife, and plants. As local stewards of Green Acres, it is our responsibility to protect the flora and fauna from the “downward scatter” of cell phone tower radiation.

Health Hazards for Children
“Children exposed to EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are especially vulnerable” (European Parliament Resolution of April 2, 2009). While the Telecommunications Act of 1996 may prohibit challenges of “undesirable health effects,” other countries and various communities in the United States have banned or are banning cell towers near schools because of the hazards they pose to children. “Children are at the greatest risk, due to their thinner skulls, and rapid rate of growth” (GeoEngineering Watch). Studies downplaying health hazards were conducted on adults, not on children.

As the long-term impact of cell phone towers on neighborhoods, wildlife, and individuals is still unknown, we call for the need for extreme precaution. Therefore, the Board of the Fox Hollow Swim Club should prevent a cell phone tower from being constructed in a residential area.

We understand that the federal courts have already ruled that a municipality has no obligation to allow intrusive cell phone tower installations anywhere within its borders when adequate coverage already exists. AT&T and other telecommunications companies should be required to find more appropriate locations in commercial and industrial zones and exhaust all alternative scenarios.

We proudly join the growing coalition of citizens across the country who are standing up to the intrusion of cell phone towers into residential areas. We urge you to support the residents of Fox Hollow and prevent the placement of a cell phone tower at the Fox Hollow Swim Club.


The concerned parents, residents, homeowners, and others who have voluntarily signed this petition.

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