Help Slik Graphics make cool decals!


Help Slik Graphics make cool decals!

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Slik Graphics AB started this petition to Fox Factory Inc.

Update April 23


We are very excited to announce that Slik Graphics will be offering Fox decals in the very very near future. If all goes well, we plan to have the most recent generations of decals on our site for June 1st.

We would like to thank you our customers and supporters for your support and your patience. The positive experiences that you share with the community are our reputation and this solidified Fox's confidence that Slik is the right brand to work with.

We would also like to thank the whole team at Fox Factory for their support and diligence in our discussions. They have been excited about developing the best solution so that you can have access to quality customisation options.

We are really excited to get started, we do have some things to prepare on our end and our hopes is that you will have access to your favorite Fox decals in no time. As soon as they are available, you will be able to find them right on our site!

We are excited to say that we will be closing this petition.


Update July 29

The team at Slik would like to thank you, the bike community, for your incredible support the past couple of days. The influx of positive comments and messages really blew us away.

We are happy to update you that the bike division at Fox Factory reached out directly to organise a call; we were able to connect for a positive and productive discussion on Tuesday, July 28th.

The team at Fox were incredibly sympathetic and expressed that their plan all along has been to partner with select aftermarket decal manufacturers and that Slik was always at the top of their list, however, an internal miscommunication on their part led to the unfortunate situation that occurred. They are enthusiastic to find a solution with Slik and we have arranged a follow-up discussion next week. We are going to continue with the hopes of a swift agreement so that we can get back to delivering what you need.

We will continue to update you as things progress.


Original Message July 24

At Slik Graphics we make high-quality mountain bike decals and our customers have come to rely on us as their source of custom and colour-matched decals. 

Late July 2020 we were contacted out of the blue by the suits representing Fox Factory stating their demand for us to remove potentially trademark infringing products from our shop at short notice. If we did not comply with their demands they would exercise costly legal actions.

We are a family business, this is very much a David and Goliath situation; while we work on a solution, we have removed some products from sale.

We tried to open a dialogue, we made a generous offer; we were quickly turned away.

We believe that having access to high-quality decals is a benefit to everyone concerned, but most of all to you guys, our valued customers. We are going to continue our efforts to find a solution. In the meantime, we hope that you can offer your hand... If we spread the word we hope that we can speed up an agreement!

We are asking for your signature to show your support of Slik's offering as we push to offer custom products.

Thanks for your time and happy trails!



This petition made change with 8,124 supporters!

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