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Please continue the story of 'Parallels' as a TV series!

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       In the movie Parallels, there are an infinite number of Earths that the characters are able to visit and if you think exploring each of them episodically would make for a great TV show, you’d be right! Parallels was created as a television pilot, but Fox Digital Studios turned it into a movie. If you have seen the "film's" ending, you likely became frustrated as I did. The very premise lends itself to something so much larger than just a 90-minute genre movie, and every character’s arc, however interesting or boring you may find them, is just begging to be fleshed out and finished. The cliffhanger tease left me breathless and starving for more, and I instantly flew to the message boards to hear if others agreed.

Here's what they had to say:

nbs • 3 days ago
"I have to say, had Parallels been what it was suppose to be, pilot to a series, I'd be very interested in watching season 1. Acting was a bit, wooden and cliche but that could have grown as the actors got use to each other and the plot."

wintertofu • a day ago
"I viewed this as Episode 1 the entire time as it feels like a bad unfinished movie if I viewed it as a movie, haha. But I really wish they continue this because it is intriguing. I agree with you how the characters + acting did feel wooden but it got better by the second half. I also feel like, while the concept is interesting, the story could use some polishing up and refining as it feels a little disconnected and they COULD do that if they make this a series, please! Nevertheless, I NEED more Parallels! They can't just leave me hanging like that!"

Larry McAwful • 2 days ago
"I never heard of this movie before last night. As a sucker for parallel reality stories, I watched it. The above article sums up my feelings pretty concisely, even to the point where, once I found out it was written as a TV pilot, I felt better about it.

Damn, this needs to be a TV show. I don't know what it would take to convince some studio to do that. Keeping the cast together would be a good idea, but even if that can't be done, I'd still watch the hell out of it, and probably write bad fanfiction about it, to boot.

Please make this into the series it was meant to be!"



So, there you have it! Obviously people love this premise and we all want more =] Everything you have to do is outlined below.

        *Please WATCH the movie if you haven't already. RATE it highly if you liked it. Share the petition, and please please leave your reasons for wanting this story to continue in the hopes that Fox Digital Studios will answer our prayers.*


                                                !!THANK YOU!!!

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