Please pick up Hollywood Today Live on FOX!!!!!

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"Hollywood Today Live" is a Web-inspired talk show with fresh-faced hosts who cater to the millennial crowd. The series began in 2012 as an online show for BiteSize TV, a new network that streams, produces and distributes a wide range of programming on its website.

Four hosts — Porscha Coleman, Kristen Brockman, AJ Gibson, and Tanner Thomason  — sit next to one another on a studio stage at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, discussing everything from upcoming movies to celebrity Tweets for one hour every day. 

They just had a six week trial, from July 14th to August 22, 2014  to see if us fans like the show, and the ratings will go well. If they like it, they gonna get picked up for a series. Guess what.... we like the show SO MUCH that we dont want it to end!!!!!

What we like about the show is the hosts, and crew are positive people, and they cover REAL STORIES. EVERYONE who works on that set has a good and positive energy. The  age demographics are from 18-41 They are at a young age that all people can relete. They like to have fun on and off set.

Hollywood Today Live has been one of the BEST shows we have saw all year, and hopefully with FOX's help we can tell them to CONTINUE to air the show on the air. 

These hosts, Porscha Coleman,  Kristen Brockman, AJ Gibson, and Tanner Thomason, and the crew have worked so hard and they DESERVE this spot more than ever.

Its FOX's job to do the right thing, and PLEASE pick this show up. And also when it gets picked up PLEASE help them to air sooner rather than wating till September of next year.

PLEASE sign this petition and lets tell FOX that we LIKE this show, and we WANT it to STAY on the AIR!!!! REMEMBER, its up to US to make the desicion!!!!! Thank you.

To find out more about the show, PLEASE visit and Also PLEASE follow them on twitter @officialhtl and on like them on facebook and also use the hashtag #iwantmyhtl

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