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So You Think You Can Dance has brought respectful recognition to dance for 11 seasons. It gives dancers a place to grow and express themselves. If this is the last season, shows like Dancing With the Stars and Dance Moms will be the only dance shows left. These shows do not give regular dancers the chance to show off their talents and become known in the dance industry. SYTYCD is an important show to dancers and needs to be continued. It is diverse, powerful, emotional, and inspirational.

As someone who has been dancing since the age of 2, I can assure you that dance is an outlet. Whether you are mad, sad, happy, or frustrated, there will always be a way to let out those emotions through dance. So You Think You Can Dance doesn't just let people dance, it lets them project their emotions. The dances are stories -  some true and some fiction - in which choreographers, dancers, and viewers release bottled up emotions. Dancers like Robert Roldan and Tucker Knox, who thought they would never dance again due to serious injuries, were able to do more than just dance again on the show. Thanks to choreographer Travis Wall, they shared their story with each other and with viewers, creating one of the most powerful moments on the show.

Keeping SYTYCD on air for continuing seasons will allow more dancers to show their emotion and talents. It gives people of all dance backgrounds - street performers, ballerinas, tappers, poppers, you name it - strength, hope, and a chance. It provides growth in many forms to those on the show. And it provides an emotional outlet, entertainment, and happiness in viewers. It even started a very successful National Dance Day, where any one of any age and any skill level can spend the day participating in stress-free dancing.

To me, the show is not a competition among dancers. It is everything any dancer wants on television. It lets the dance community have something to call their own, where they feel dance is being respected and properly projected. It lets the people on the show bond with other dancers, so much show that they consider each other a family. Getting rid of the show will leave dancers with no way of showing off their talents or sharing their emotions publically and will be a disappointment to many.

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