Bring Jussie Smollett Back For The Last Season of "Empire"

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Recent reports have stated Jussie Smollett's future on "Empire" is uncertain. This is even after all charges against him have been dropped and there has not been a single piece of evidence shown to the public that shows he did what he was accused of doing. In fact, Jussie is the only party in the situation who's story has been consistent while the CPD among multiple other parties have provably lied numerous times. The media has even reported false statements from "unnamed CPD sources" as 100% truth which has impacted the general public's perception of the situation, especially for those who don't know who Jussie is or what he stands for. 

The major cast members on "Empire" have asked that Jussie be brought back on the show for the next season, dispelling false reports that they didn't support him. (Link to reference). This petition will show that the people who actually watch the show are also wanting Jussie to be brought back. Judging by social media posts that go against the messages "Empire" promotes, much of the outrage wanting him off the show is from people who have never watched an episode of "Empire" or who would never consider watching.

Fans of the show have come to love Jussie through his ground-breaking portrayal of Jamal Lyon ever since "Empire" debuted in 2015. Throughout his life and career, Jussie has only shown impeccable character while fighting for equality, love, and freedom. There have been many articles about the great humanitarian work Jussie has been doing since he was very young. The character of Jamal Lyon is just one example of this. The world needs representations like Jamal Lyon and to take Jussie out of the role is to take away the entire heart and soul of the character but also to a certain extent, the show. Nobody else can play Jamal when so much of Jamal is Jussie. Look no further than the Season 5 love story between 2 Black gay men in which we saw Jamal being completely supportive after learning Kai is HIV+. This story line was directly aimed to take away the stigma behind HIV/AIDS, and has the power to help save lives. The story wouldn't have happened without Jussie's years of dedication to the issue of HIV/AIDS and his personal pitching & pushing for the story line. (Link to reference). It would also be cruel to end the show without the fan favorite character of Jamal being involved in the show's last season.

Removing Jussie from the show would be taking the side of proven liars when the charges have been dropped and there is no evidence to show he's guilty even after a biased media storm inspired by police & city officials. 

How many times can a man be attacked? 



Organized by fans who love & believe Jussie