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Fox broadcast: bring FOX family back

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The Family Channel was sold to Fox Kids Worldwide Inc in July 1997, and Fox Kids Worldwide Inc was renamed Fox Family Worldwide Inc. The Family Channel was renamed to Fox Family Channel on August 15, 1998. This is one of the good and the very first family channel on FOX. And the channel was done in october 27, 2001 or in november. Look i know its the hard sacifices to do but this title of the channel makes sense. But we can't forget FOX kids or FOX box. These shows can help us watch about this on morning too. Or it like jetix. They never even show tv 14 rating at all. if you don't put that channel back, please hire me. I can run down a company of FOX family channel with good business. I'll donate anything for this. Their will be two choice we want. 1. replace ABC family or 2. Make another channel ( they can keep ABC family). Please. We'll donate anything we'll give just to bring the channel back. Believe us, you will get a lot of rating and more viewers. Think about the innocent family. I got a lot of ideas. Here my email address: , Gmail: and twitter: @zarvius. Believe us, for the family of worldwide. Make us happy again. This is the twitter hashtag. #bringfoxfamilyback . i made the list if you bring fox family channel back. I lot of tv show, movies non shows, and not a 14 rating stuff.(update may 27). (10/6/2015 update) Hey guys, I heard the news about what happen in 2016. I Got good news and bad news................. The bad news is next year in January, ABC Family will be rename into Freeform, which will target age 14 to 34. Which make the family name gone forever. Which we will lose the chance and our hope for promising what the family wants............ And the good news is that the petition is still there and possible get our own channel without buying ABC family channel. We don't know how this work but we still have faith and we believe in the future that we will have a chance to make TV for family again. I'm sorry if it upset to you all, but someday we will have a great future someday.

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