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Put a waffle-maker in our math classroom

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What's better than waffles or learning math? Eating waffles while learning math.

6 out of 5 experts agree that today's students are behind the curve when it comes to mathematics. Who can blame them when all they can focus on is their empty stomachs and the nearby Original Pancake House?

Imagine walking into class with your algebros, ready to do some math, only to realize you forgot to eat breakfast. How are you going to stay awake? You just spent the last bit of your morning energy telling math jokes in the locker bay! (Two math Ph.D's get into a fight. One of them yells, "Don't make me differentiate you!" The other replies, "I'm not scared! I'm e^x!")

Plus, with more energy comes more productivity. No more excuses, no more telling Mr. Pfeifer that you promise you finished your in-class assignment but it burst into flame after you accidentally divided by 0.

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