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Petitioning Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee and 9 others

Forward on Polk with the Complete Streets Project!


We were thrilled when we first heard about the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) plan to increase safety, add buffered bike lanes and widen sidewalks on Polk Street. By making Polk Street a really enjoyable destination for all San Franciscans, rather than just another thoroughfare for cars, the Polk Street Plan would greatly enhance the vibrancy and economy of the neighborhood, calm traffic, and create a safe haven for pedestrians to stroll.

Unfortunately, a small, vociferous group is short sighted in believing that local business is dependent on more car parking.  San Francisco has changed and more than 85% of people on Polk St. arrive by means other than car.

A final decision is imminent so it's urgent that we tell San Francisco leaders how much this matters.  Please take a moment to do that right now.

Measures like those planned for Polk St. are tried and true. They're hallmarks of modern cities that understand that a strong future rests in supporting non-car transport that fosters health, community, sustainability, and economic vitality.

Please take a stand now! Together we can shape our future and make it clear to the City that we share their vision of a modern, vibrant San Francisco.

Foward on Polk!


Letter to
Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee
Project Engineer Polk Street Project, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Antonio Piccagli
Project Manager, Polk Street Project, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Luis Montoya
and 7 others
Project Engineer, Polk Street Project, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Darcie Lim
Chairman of the Board, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Tom Nolan
Director San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Ed Reiskin
President Board of Supervisors, District 3 David Chiu
Board of Supervisors, District 2 Mark Farrell
Board of Supervisors, District 6 Jane Kim
Transportation Policy Director Gillian Gillett
I support the SFMTA’s plans to make Polk Street a really enjoyable destination for all San Franciscans through:

- Widened sidewalks
- Protected bikeways
- Calmed traffic
- Safer intersections
- Landscaping with seating

The proposed improvements will help reduce collisions and benefit all of us into the future. They will make the adjacent neighborhoods safer, and more livable and vibrant.

We are citizens and taxpayers who frequent Polk St. and we believe that a healthy future for San Francisco must include excellent transit, walking, and cycling infrastructure. We respectfully request that these improvements be expedited.