Remove Mike Steele from Fort Worth Human Relations Commission

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Mike Steele, a Fort Worth Human Relations Commissioner since 2015, has been long known by the city to hold bigoted views. The HRC is in charge of Fort Worth’s anti-discrimination policies, and its mission is to create a more inclusive Fort Worth. Mr. Steele was publicly outed with numerous screenshots of his facebook posts over the last few months that were racist, sexist, anti-immigrant and transphobic. He has suggested violence against immigrants and discussed an impending civil war.  The mayor called on Steele to resign, but he is refusing to do so.
The council needs to take action to removing him from office. Councilmembers Zadeh, Gray, and Flores have already committed to voting to remove him from office. Sign this petition and share with the other councilmembers and Mayor Price that you do not believe Mr. Steele is fit for public service on the Human Relations Commission.

EDIT: Councilmembers Byrd, Bivens and Shingleton have joined in saying he should be removed. 
Mayor Price: 817-392-6118,
Cary Moon: 817-392-8804,
Jungus Jordan:  817-392-8806,

EDIT: The Human Relations Commission will hold a special meeting on July 15 in Hazel Harvey Peace Center for Neighborhoods, Room 201AB at 818 Missouri Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76104 at 5:30 pm to discuss whether to recommend removing Mr. Steele to the council. 
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