Imprison Police Operator Donna Reneau

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Debra Stevens, 47, had been delivering newspapers in the early hours of August 24 in Fort Smith, Arkansas, when she accidentally drove into rising flood waters that swept her SUV off the road. Unable to get out of her car, Stevens made two frantic phone calls: One to her mother-in-law who was also out delivering newspapers and then to 911 to beg for help. Operator Donna Reneau took that call at 4:38am. Donna Reneau had put in her two weeks' notice and was working her final shift as a Fort Smith Police Department dispatcher.

The horrific 911 audio has revealed Donna Reneau lecturing the distraught woman who feared for her life after driving into flood waters and telling her to 'shut up' in the moments before she drowned.

We call for the investigation and criminal prosecution of Donna Reneau for her crimes of negligence and ignoring this woman's pleas for help as she drowned in her vehicle in the flood waters. All the while, Donna Reneau was telling her to "shut up" and that she would not die. Debra Stevens did die. We call on Fort Smith Police Department and Fort Smith city officials to investigate and prosecute Donna Reneau for these crimes that led to this woman's death in failing to do her job.

The Fort Smith Police Department are sweeping this under the table and refusing to take any criminal action against their employee who failed to do her job and caused a death as a result. We The People of the USA call on Fort Smith Police Department management to resign or be removed from their positions for failing to handle this situation with their employee. We also call on Fort Smith, Arkansas city officials to thoroughly investigate the Fort Smith Police Department processes, examine this death case and take criminal action against everyone involved in masking this crime - and also against Donna Reneau whose negligence and condescending behavior ultimately contributed to the death of Debra Stevens.

Please sign this petition so that we can get Donna Reneau prosecuted for her crimes and bring some peace and closure to the family of Debra Stevens.

The 911 call was in EXCESS of 20 minutes.

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