We want a more sustainable, community friendly plan for our Old Hughes Stadium Space

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PATHS Mission:  We are the FoCo community aligned in resisting the Lennar redevelopment plan at the Old Hughes Stadium Space. Our objective is to find a more sustainable, community-friendly alternative to the 600 to 700 high-density subdivision proposed at this special location.

Why:   600-700 homes at this space will cause the following negative impacts to Fort Collins:

1. Increased traffic with 1500 more cars and increased levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

2. Environmental stress on wildlife, water use, and increased natural area erosion and runoff to our streams.

3. Potential for flooding (source: Civil Engineering Hydrology & Planning Professor at CSU)

4. Overcrowded Poudre Valley schools (an estimated 480 to 1,000 more students added to the PSD system from this one development).

5. Interrupted cycling and hiking accessibility and enjoyability.

6. Safety concerns due to limited access in the event of fire or flood evacuation.

7. Lower income workers deprioritized and more social alienation fueled in the city.

The Backstory: CSU owns the Hughes land, and after relocating their football stadium, CSU racked up large amounts of debt. To help offset the shortfall, CSU accepted the highest bidder, which was Lennar, a builder based out of Florida. Lennar has a signed contract with CSU offering only $10 million for the prime land. The deal has not closed yet. Terms of the agreement are not public at this time. Lennar has submitted its Development Plan to The City, which is available for viewing and comments at https://ourcity.fcgov.com/hughes_stadium_redevelopment

Our Community Spoke: On April 4th, 2019, approximately 300 FoCo citizens gathered at Drake Center to ask Lennar and City employees questions regarding the planned site. To a number of questions, the Lennar representative responded that the developer had not finalized its plans and that certain decisions about the site were yet to be determined.

The community does not want 600 to 700 houses at the corner of Overland Trail and Drake. Moreover, it does  not want the city's "Crown Jewel," the stunningly beautiful natural area adjacent to the planned development site, blighted by a high-density subdivision.

 We are seeking a more sustainable, community-friendly alternative for our “Jewel” than the redevelopment plan proposed by Lennar. Fort Collins City Council need to hear our voices.  We need your help! If you agree in finding an alternative solution, please sign below.