Hold Corvias accountable

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The Residents of Fort Bragg have finally had enough of our housing company, Corvias. For too long they have neglected their duties as our property managers. 

* The houses have become filled with mold, which they deny.

* The damages from Hurricane Florence still have yet to be fixed for many. 

* There have been many instances of gas leaks and Corvias not taking it seriously. 

* They have moved people out of a house because of them getting sick, only to move a new family in within a few weeks or less. 

* Unprofessionalism within the community centers. 

*Moving residents into dirty houses that were never cleaned. 

There are service memebers and their families getting sick from these houses. They are not up to standard. We sacrifice a lot, our health shouldn’t be one of them just because we want to live on base. Someone needs to hold Corvias accountable for their actions, or lack there of. 

By signing this petition you are saying you have had enough of Corvias and are begging Fort Bragg to step in and investigate.