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STOP 5G MENDOCINO started this petition to Fort Bragg City Council and City Manager


Fort Bragg neighbors started this petition to City of Fort Bragg. Sign this petition NOW.

We, the undersigned, encourage the City of Fort Bragg to oppose small wireless facilities (SWF) next to our homes, schools and parks. We ask you to adopt and enforce a strict wireless facilities ordinance, resolution and guidelines and develop a plan that maintains wireless availability without destroying our local values and aesthetics of our town.

We urge you to hold an educational workshop, form a Telecommunications Infrastructure Committee and create a map (master plan) with all current and known future towers and residential, business, and coastal zones.

SWF’s next to homes, schools and parks will ruin the aesthetics of Fort Bragg, cause blight and destroy views. Trees shall not be cut down to make room for SWF’s. No SWF’s next to ocean vistas and historic buildings on Main Street between Redwood and Spruce Street and not in front of the Weller House. Co-location is an eyesore. Poles become top-heavy (90 lbs.) and expose citizens to higher radio frequency (RF). SWF’s can create fires do to lithium-ion batteries in generators, high winds, lightning strikes, and earthquakes. They will attract criminals and vandals interested in copper.

Carriers will add additional parts, change technology, increase the RF-communication EMF, make antennas higher and bulkier. Permits need to be reissued yearly with a full new application process. Homeowners and neighbors who live within 2,500 ft. need a 90 days advance individualized notice and a public hearing at least 20 days before the determination is made and a decision by a vote of the City Council.

SWF's are not a “least intrusive” way to deal with a “significant gap”. As line of sight, rain and trees do not hinder 5G a 2,500 ft. setback is needed. We need fiber optics and centers where people can gather and use facilities jointly.

Property values will tank by 20%. Upon a sale owners need to disclose that a SWF is on the property. Property tax will be reduced. Many locals and tourists will not live, work and play in the city anymore.

RF emissions are linked to cancer and many other serious health effects. Signs posted on antennas indicate that RF emissions are higher than federally recommended. Many children are attending Waldorf Schools where there is NO technology. No insurance company will cover damage or illness. Who will bear legal responsibility for damage to life, limb and property from RF exposure, whether ground - or space-based? Electromagnetic sensitivity is recognized by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and trumps the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines from 1996.

General Liability Insurance needs to cover health and aesthetic standards, needs to cover $2 million for each occurrence and $4 million in the aggregate to protect the city from claims and suits for bodily injury and property damage.

The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space is translated into 30 languages, signed by 130,000 individuals,1,100 organizations from 203 countries and territories including 3,381 scientists, 1,913 medical doctors, 5,848 engineers, 3,525 psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists, and 3,052 nurses.

Don't tell us that your “hands are tied”. Many other cities are creating strong legal deterrents to 5G technology. The industry now has more lobby money in congress than any other industry in history. Billions of dollars of influence - influence that is making its way into state and city government offices around the country.

Hard wiring our communication devices protects us from 2, 3, and 4G RF. LED lights already transmit 5G. Our autonomic nervous system can’t handle the 5G non-stop assault with 20 billion more devices, 800,000 5G antennas and 20,000 satellites and unmanned drones transmitting 5G signals into air, land and sea 24/7. These devices are deployed and patented by defense contractors, not telecommunications companies and are a part of the electronic weapons technology.

We urge you to deny SWF’s, and demand a reformed process. The deployment of additional equipment for “Smart City”, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Facial Recognition goes beyond thoughts of a controlled society written about in the book 1984. Our privacy, security and freedom would be compromised in every possible way, which is morally wrong.

Please follow your mission statement and resolutions by supporting quality public services, quality of life, community health and safety, preserve the natural beauty, safe streets and sustainable development.

Respectfully submitted,

Fort Bragg neighbors

Stop 5G Mendocino

If you live on the Mendocino coast join us at 6pm on Monday, October 28, 2019 at Town Hall, 363 N. Main Street in Fort Bragg.  Bring along your written statement or send ahead of time to City clerk June Lemos <> 

Keep spreading the word. All of our voices are needed!

E-mail <> if you would like to stay informed and/or help. You can send a copy of your written statement to us as well. THANKS!

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Artwork is by artist Shelley Masters. Thank you Shelley. 

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