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Petitioning Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and 3 others

Former employees say this Member of Parliament sexually harassed them -- Campbell Newman, dismiss Scott Driscoll immediately.

Former employees have come forward this week to say the new MP for Redcliffe Scott Driscoll sexually harassed and bullied young female staff when President of the Qld Retail Traders Association.

He allegedly forced one employee to keep a record of her menstrual cycle in the office calendar; made an assistant put a cowboy hat on and took photos of her, and repeatedly "belittled, humiliated and demeaned" his young female employees.

When they tried reporting his behaviour they were fired. Or in the case of another employee, she was fired after needing time off to recover from an assault.

I live in Redcliffe. And I think constituents in Mr Driscoll's electorate deserve better representation. I didn't think Campbell Newman could possibly condone this kind of sexist behaviour from one of his colleagues -- yet Driscoll's even been given a position on the Health and Community Services Committee.

Driscoll is no role model.

Please sign my petition calling for Campbell Newman to immediately dismiss Scott Driscoll from the LNP -- and call on him to resign parliament.

** If you worked with Driscoll or live in his electorate, please add a comment when signing talking about your experiences or why you want a new Redcliffe MP.

Letter to
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman
Parliamentary Member for Redcliffe Scott Driscoll
Queensland Premier (Ashgrove) Campbell Newman
and 1 other
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman
Your actions as President of Queensland Retail Traders and Shop Keepers Association are extremely inappropriate and we the signers of this petition believe you should resign as the MP for Redcliffe.

The constituents in the Redcliffe Electorate deserve better representation and with your alleged comments and views you clearly do not represent your community.

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