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Forever 21, Inc.: Immediately Remove Offensive “Oriental Girl Necklace” From Stores

Apparently Forever 21 thinks its fashionable to make and sell cheap, culturally offensive jewelry that plays off of outdated stereotypes. Earlier this week Forever 21 Inc. began marketing such items as the “Oriental Girl Necklace” and the “Native American Girl Necklace” on their websites and in stores.

The word “Oriental” in reference to a person became politically incorrect a long time ago, it’s shocking that Forever 21 does not see anything wrong with marketing these culturally offensive products. “ Not only are these products cheap and demeaning but they promote outdated cultural stereotypes. As an Asian-American woman, I am incredibly appalled to walk into a large multi- national clothing company- one that is owned by a Korean family no less- marketed towards young women selling such culturally insensitive products. To see Forever 21 making a profit off these stereotypes is wrong. Forever 21 should remove these products immediately.

Join me in telling Forever 21 that the “Oriental Girl Necklace” will not go unnoticed and needs to be taken down immediately.

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  • CEO, Forever 21, Inc.
    Don Chang
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    Lawrence Meyer
  • Vice President, Forever 21, Inc.
    Lawrence Meyer
  • Public Relations, Forever 21, Inc.
    Kristen Nagle
  • Senior Vice, Forever 21, Inc.
    Chris Lee

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